Toby Keith is no stranger to topping country music charts, but this year he reached a different kind of No. 1. A June 24 article about Keith and his stomach cancer diagnosis garnered more page views than any other News story posted on Cancer Health in 2022. A December 12 follow-up article, in which Keith updated fans about his cancer and future tour plans, ranked as the No. 5 most viewed article.

But the “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” hitmaker wasn’t the only celebrity to appear on our year-end list of most viewed stories, which is included below. In fact, six of the top 10 articles revolved around celebrities. The personalities ranged from actors (Jeff Bridges) and sports legends (Terry Bradshaw) to politicos (Jared Kushner) and comedians (Trevor Noah), all of whom discussed and disclosed various types of cancers.

Glancing at the top 20 News stories, it’s difficult to discern a specific trend, though articles about colon and breast cancer remain of great interest to our readers. Prevention and education are also popular subjects, as is COVID-19. Of note, articles about cancer research and treatment run are considered Science News and run in that section; and as such, they are not included in this general News roundup. Stay tuned for a separate list of the 2022 Top Science News articles.

Here are the Cancer Health news stories with the most views in 2022:

1. Toby Keith’s Stomach Cancer Diagnosis Shines Light on a Less Common Cancer
Posted: June 24

2. Jeff Bridges Is “Feeling Good” Despite Getting COVID-19 After Cancer
Posted: June 10

3. NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Announces Cancer Diagnoses on Air
Posted: October 5

4. Some Women Were Denied Flat Chests After Mastectomy
Posted: July 6

5. Watch Toby Keith’s Update on His Stomach Cancer—and Future Tour Plans
Posted: December 12

6. Jared Kushner Is One of the 43,800 People Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer in 2019
Posted: August 24

7. Why People at High Risk for Pancreatic Cancer Need Regular Screenings
Posted: July 20

8. Trevor Noah Discusses Colorectal Cancer With Fred Hutch Scientists
Posted: April 5

9. Following Simple Cancer Prevention Advice Does More Than Lower Cancer Risk
Posted: July 18

10. Most Americans Still Unaware that Alcohol Is a Cause of Cancer
Posted: February 18

11. Jon Batiste Secretly Married Partner After Her Cancer Returned
Posted: April 5

12. Experts Recommend Fifth COVID-19 Vaccination for Immunocompromised People
Posted: April 28

13. Dispelling the 3 Most Common Cancer and Diet Myths
Posted: February 17

14. A Model With Metastatic Breast Cancer Is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Finalist
Posted: March 16

15. Blythe Danner Fought Same Oral Cancer That Killed Husband Bruce Paltrow
Posted: November 30

16. American Cancer Society Responds to NEJM Colonoscopy Study
Posted: November 10

17. Colon Cancer Survivors Suffer Less Recurrence and Live Longer with Healthy Lifestyle, Suggests A New Prediction Model
Posted: May 6

18. Creating the First-Ever Sleep Guidelines for People With Cancer
Posted: February 15

19. New Interactive Map of Oncology Puts COVID-19, Equity Data Into Perspective
Posted: May 27

20. Monty Python’s Eric Idle Shares His Hilarious Pancreatic Cancer Journey
Posted: September 28