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You Have to Be an Advocate for Yourself

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You are a soldier. Myself HIV + going on 35 years in 2019. Prostate Cancer Survivor now 18 years. Physically I feel fine no pain or discomfort. Mental acuity very sharp. Am sad from time to time thinking of family, friends and long term partner who have passed on. Am glad that I survived to see my son reach age 45 and nieces and nephews grow up and become parents. Best to you.

January 4, 2019 DC

Graeme Dunlap

I applaud your character, strength, courage, bravery and lifestyle too!?! Am simpatico w/all those anal pleasures though gave all sex up until meds turned me undetectable from 92 till =01 and continued so as life takes me off into othyer studies, people and practices like yoga, walks and gratitude practice. Dealt w/early prostate cancer last year. My very first lover this year. Live, love and be gentle w/yourself my good buddy! Graeme

October 4, 2018 Pomona, Calif.


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