People of color have a disproportionately high cancer burden compared to other communities.  To help women of color with cancer cope with hair loss during treatment, Black-owned hair company iWeave International, LLC and the Starks Family Foundation has donated 600 ethnic hair wigs to the American Cancer Society for distribution in under-resourced communities.

“It’s important that someone going through cancer treatment continue to feel like themselves,” said Tawana Thomas-Johnson, senior vice president and chief diversity officer at the American Cancer Society. “Products and wigs that represent all ethnicities should be accessible to everyone to assist in easing the burden of changes during the cancer journey. We’re excited to work with iWeave to offer these important items to those who need them.” 

When a person with cancer loses their hair, wigs are not always covered by insurance, causing out of pocket expenses. Additionally, it’s hard to find hair that matches a person of color’s natural coily texture in cancer focused retail stores or medical salons, a burden not usually discussed.  

“Our partnership with the American Cancer Society is our largest donation to date,” said Steven I. Campbell, CEO of iWeave International, LLC. “I’ve seen the courage, bravery and spiritual resilience of women as they fight cancer.  We hope these wigs give them the confidence they need to thrive.”

The American Cancer Society will leverage the organization’s relationships with health systems and national diverse organizations to distribute the wigs to those in need, while broadening education around additional treatment resources.

The American Cancer Society is committed to ensuring that all people have a fair and just opportunity to prevent, find, treat, and survive cancer. The organization ensures people impacted by cancer have the support, information, and resources they need, all aimed toward eliminating cancer disparities.

This story was published by American Cancer Society on November 21, 2022. It is republished with permission.