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Another Reason to Get the HPV Vaccine: Possible Reduced HIV Risk

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I have HPV it went untreated and misdiagnosed for years. Am just grateful am still here to talk about it. I still have to have biopsy each time it pops up which is under anesthesia. Half of my lips are gone and they have cut into my anus. This has made me self conscious of even dating anymore. Because of the areas . They try it in office with general numbing I could not take it . So if you have children under 23 get them vaccinated. It will save there lives.

August 25, 2021 New York


The men giving the women these infections should also be / should also have been vaccinated against these 9 strains of HPV. These men should also be tested regularly for other STIs/STDs and treated for any infections. Men being men, with men or with women, is the problem. Don't go blaming it on the women!

August 13, 2021 UK


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