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A Cure For Cancer In Just One Year? Don’t Believe the Hype

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Well.... I spoke with Dr's at Stanford and they say this is very promising... So I choose to believe the Israeli scientists!

April 26, 2019


Cancer cells are Cancer cells. No matter the cancer. Some cancers are more aggressive than others but the main thing of cancer is the cells. So if they can treat one cancer, it in theory, would cure all cancers. To say its almost impossible to cure cancer yet they dont even know a damn thing about it bc if they did, they would have a cure for it. Just like people said HIV couldnt be cured, how its next to impossible. But two separate people have been cured.

March 6, 2019


Logically! Anyway in my belief and understanding on how the system and human beings think and function, one way to get rid of cancer is NOT to go by the system and live a healthy life and not eat almost anything sold on the markets and exercise a lot. The system of the 1% has been created in such a way to create slaves so they can control. 99% of the medicines actually make you more sick and 99% of food makes you sick. Anyway this is what i see and believe is happening for years and years

February 4, 2019 Albania, Tirana


I hope this bio company proves you wrong. What i find truly interesting, is the fact your website is run by the industry of cancer, Seeing there might be some bias here to continue cancer being a disease. Maybe your goal is to make it a chronic condition to continue profits and your website being relevant. After all you did site a society, that was build on cancer, being relevant in the first place. Excuse me if i do not completely believe such articles, and truly believe there will be a cure.

February 3, 2019


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