That is a tough issue. Obviously, we want our health care provider to be competent. But, liking our provider is important too because the doctor-patient relationship is affected by how much we like him or her.

Here are some points to consider when considering if you need a new doctor:

  • Do you trust your medical provider? Can you talk about anything without feeling judged?  If your feelings about your doctor are interfering with your ability to speak openly, this could be a problem. 
  • Have you given your current doctor a fair chance? If you have only seen him or her once or twice, then perhaps you need a few more visits.
  • Are you committed to your side of the relationship? Do you communicate well, ask questions, and follow your doctor’s advice? If you don’t follow your provider’s recommendations, do you explain why?

Studies show that a good doctor-patient relationship can improve health outcomes. Since liking your doctor means that you will have a better relationship, you may want to look for someone else if things don’t improve.