Scott Gottlieb, MD, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is resigning effective in one month, Stat News reports. In March 2017, President Trump chose him to lead the organization; the Senate confirmed him two months later, and Gottlieb remained one of Trump’s most popular appointees.

In his resignation letter, Gottlieb did not say why he was leaving the agency, according to Stat News. But the day after the news broke of his resignation, Gottlieb explained that he decided to leave because of the long commute and time away from his family, reports the Washington Examiner.

The resignation letter highlighted several of Gottlieb’s accomplishments while at the FDA, including breaking annual records for approving generic drugs. As POZ reported in April 2018, Gottlieb publicly shamed pharmaceutical giants for keeping generics off the market by not providing samples of their meds to companies that make the generics. He wanted the brand-name drugmakers to “end the shenanigans.”

Gottlieb garnered even more headlines by taking on the tobacco industry and addressing the opioid crisis.

Below are recent tweets highlighting his career and departure.