Chemotherapy agents can sometimes trigger a darkening of the skin known as hyperpigmentation. Made exclusively for skin of color, the Yelle Skin Care five-piece system (Awakening Milk & Honey Cleanser 4 oz.; Awakening Milk & Honey Toner, 4 oz.; Awakening Daily Moisturizer, 2. oz.; A-Dream Brightening Eye Cream, 1 oz.; and Treatment Serum, 1 oz.) for either oily, dry or normal skin ($129.99) is made from a plant-based formula containing soothing aloe vera, which is gentle on sensitive skin and helps fade dark spots.

Yelle Skin Care

Yelle Skin Care

Cancer survivor Cynthia Hayes felt fearful, anxious and isolated when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of uterine cancer. Her emotional turmoil resulted in conversations with friends and acquaintances, which generated insights about feelings shared by cancer patients and led her to collaborate with a psychotherapist and two oncologists on The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer (Kindle, $9.99; paperback, $19.95). The book features interviews with more than 100 patients, caregivers and cancer care experts. Hayes hopes the book will help readers better understand and manage their cancer experience and encourage them throughout their journey.

The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer

“The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer”Courtesy of Greenleaf Book Group

A clean home environment is important for cancer patients, who may be especially susceptible to infections and allergies. Designed to capture harmful dust and allergens, the NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier with a HEPA filter ($599) eliminates almost 100% of potentially deadly viruses and bacteria. The energy-efficient unit automatically connects to Wi-Fi and allows users to control and monitor air quality on their smartphone or tablet from anywhere.


NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

NuWave OxyPure Smart Air PurifierCourtesy of NuWave

For many individuals undergoing chemotherapy, ice cream is a godsend for managing side effects. The cool, creamy dessert can help with nausea and soothes mouths and throats made sore by chemo and radiation. Ice cream is also calorie-rich, which helps those struggling with weight loss put on needed pounds. Tillamook Ice Cream (various flavors, 1.75 qt., $6.49), one of the highest-quality brands around, is made without artificial ingredients.

Tillamook Ice Cream

Tillamook Ice Cream

Vanishing eyebrows? Replace them like cancer survivor Deanna Pai did when she created Volition Mission Brows Eyebrow Replacement (in light and dark brown, $49.99). The glue-on brows (glue included) are sourced from human hair and perfect for when eyebrow pencils fail. Thirty percent of proceeds benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund, a program that helps support young adults fighting cancer.

Volition Mission Brows Eyebrow Replacement

Volition Mission Brows Eyebrow ReplacementCourtesy of Greenleaf Book Group