Our pets provide us with love, support, a routine—all vital when facing cancer treatment. But the rigors of treatment can make it difficult to keep up with the many demands of pet guardianship. That’s why CancerCare, a national nonprofit, has launched its Pet Assistance and Wellness (PAW) Program.  

Currently on offer are audio and video of the workshop “Joys and Challenges of Pets in Your Home When You Have Cancer” and the free downloadable booklet Caring for Your Pets While You Have Cancer

Future plans include financial assistance for pet-related expenses, more educational materials (addressing, for example, how to reduce infection risk if you’re immunocompromised) and counseling services.

To access the PAW workshop and booklet, visit cancercare.org/paw, or call the organization at 800-813-4673 to speak directly with an oncology social worker.