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How HIV Physicians Can Better Treat an Aging Population

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I have major Dental problems I'm hiv positI've I have a toother going back up into my nostril but I'm scared to go to a dentist will I get blood clots bleed alot or not heal

January 20, 2019 TX


Fantastic piece thank you Benjamin. 67+ myself and good selfcare but DO experience various aspects of increased frailty & inflammatory issues. HAND a new term to me, and certainly I suffer/experience variable mental clarity, poor memory & mood issues. NOT a lot of attention offered by my (Medicare) primary Doc. One is ‘on one’s own’ with these HIV aging issues. Health & Well Being wishes for us all in 2019.

January 9, 2019 Portland OR


Tis true, we are all getting older. I feel there should be equal amount of focus on the health of those who have lived 2+ decades with HIV. I've been pos for 26+ years. I'm fortunate that my IDS is the same dr from the time I tested pos. If only my insurance would allow him be my PCP. What gets me blood boiling is watching so much money being wasted on programs that look good on paper but fail miserably in reality. Why is no one surveying clients and getting an in-depth look at our realities?

January 4, 2019 Nashville


Who'da thunk it eh...we're getting old! Surprise comes with caveats. 60 now, and I'm experiencing a few negative realities. So be it, every older person goes through it. I quit smoking 6+ years ago in anticipation of today, eat better than in younger days, stay active....even if it no longer involves skydiving (damnit). Got a little plump in the middle, I'm nervous on ice, I have skin cancer from all those days in the Florida sun. It's just life. I'll take what I can get!

January 2, 2019 WI


My appointment times with my HIV specialist are very limited, approximately 10 minutes at best. Is it realistic for ID doctors to be around all the issues mentioned. We need to be involving our health care team which is broader than an HIV specialist in our care.

December 12, 2018


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