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How’d We Get a COVID-19 Vaccine so Fast but None for HIV and Cancer?

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When treatments BECOME an industry..then there will be NO CURES..and thats exactly whats happened with the diseases mentioned..when u have a virus like covid killing vast swaths of the population they know they have to get their butts in gear and figure something out...WE SHOULD DEMAND cures..this stuff is easy enough to figure out.

July 19, 2022 FL


The establishment dragged its feet on ACTG5176 (therapeutic HIV vaccine) for ten years while a competing therapeutic vaccine (based on gold nanospheres, covered by HIV DNA, shot under the skin with compressed nitrogen gas), received federal (~$1m) funding OUTSIDE THE NIAID/DAIDS/ACTG , moved forward in about ten weeks. ACTG5176 included ten years of special interest Intellectual Property (IP) agreements, giving insider investors leverage on ROI, and provided only 18 patients a single exposure.

May 25, 2022


People have the rights to give over how they feel , Some many be hard to take and the information a bit out . Life is so hard for some many people and it is understandable people feel this way and want to shout Why ! The only thing as people is to see the bigger picture and take each day for what it is . Like so many here my life has not gone the why I wanted . 25 years of HIV and eating pills each day . But we are getting there as life so be happy !

May 6, 2022 UK


This year marks 20 years of having HIV for me. It was luckily a few years after they came out with effective medication. I've been undetectable ever since! A good way to adhere to meds for me was to get a pill box and try to take them around the same time(s) each day. Unfortunately I still sometimes deal with hate and discrimination but I just remind myself that it's something the haters have going on, it's not about me really. It doesn't define me. There is a lot more to a person than HIV statu

April 28, 2022 PA


The many attempts at creating effective HIV vaccines for prevention and cure have all failed. The SarsCovid2 vaccines, by contrast, offer some / significant, but not total protection - but we choose to use them because a reduction in the course of disease severity and then our bodies then clearing it seems a rational and reasonable thing to do. So, if SarsCov2 gets through most of the infected will clear it. But if HIV gets through then very few can clear it. And I hate capitalism, too!

December 6, 2021 UK


These are very valid questions and concerns and I hate how people make you out to be irrational for having them. I’m not in a rush to put something into my body that I don’t trust. How is that unreasonable?

October 27, 2021 Dallas


This article decrying these posts as misleading is a shame. People are asking valid questions in the tweets. No one has valid answers. Any time someone questions a” norm “ made out by media and politicians, it is labeled “ misinformation” rather than being looked at as free speech which is the foundation of science. Asking questions is what leads to scientific progress. And I’m sad to say the fatality rate and years of life lost comparing HIV and COVID make the emphasis on COVID shameful.

September 9, 2021 Portland


Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine, did it for the good of mankind. He refused to patent it or take profits from it. The covid vaccines are products made & marketed by for profit corporations for the benefit of their shareholders. HIV drugs are a gold mine for their makers & investors. Customers for life, formulated to work only if taken as directed, they would squash any research for a vaccine or cure if they could. Its ALL about the P's Profit Power & Politics

August 27, 2021 NYC

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