When two people take their marriage vows, they promise to be there for each other in sickness and health. The new film Ordinary Love, starring Academy Award nominees Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson, shines a light on the enduring devotion of a couple following a cancer diagnosis.

Joan and Tom have been married for a long time. In the film’s trailer, we see them enjoying each other’s company as they do ordinary things, including exchanging banter at the dinner table banter, going on power walks and shopping for groceries. Then one day, the extraordinary happens: In the shower, Joan finds a lump in her breast and calls to Tom.

The couple go to the hospital, where Joan is ultimately diagnosed with breast cancer. As their world is turned upside down, one thing remains in place—their love for each other. Joan undergoes treatment with worry and fear, while Tom tries to stay strong for them both.

“There isn’t a moment I won’t be there with you,” Tom says. “I’m going to torture you, you know that? Don’t you?” He helps her shave her head, embraces her intimately and holds her hand when she needs him most.

Ordinary Love is a story based on true events. It’s also one that many people can relate to. The wife of the film’s writer, Irish playwright Owen McCafferty, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment, NPR reports.

Ordinary Love is currently in theaters across the United States. You can view the trailer above and check out some film reactions below.

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