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Opdivo Immunotherapy Improves Survival for People With Liver Cancer

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Started Opdivo 22 Feb 18. 9.8 cm tumor and smaller ones building in the portal vein. 411k afp, Complete response so far. Tumor gone. Portal Vein clear. AFP normal. I am one the lucky ones and hope the same for you. Planning on another 18 mo of treatments. will see how that goes but very little side effects that i can tell. Seems just like normal allergies to me. Good Luck!

October 2, 2018


My husband will be beginning of Opdivo infusions for stage 3 HCC liver cancer. I would love to hear everyone's experiences with this type of treatment. It is scary to read the side effects. But at this stage of his liver cancer, his oncologist feels it is his best chance for survival. Thank you so much for your thoughts and input.

January 16, 2018 Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


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