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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Being Treated for Cancer Recurrence

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Judge Ginsburg is an intelligent, tough woman who has always believed in doing her job responsibly. Liver Cancer is painful and almost always fatal within about 8 months; and this is after several other cancers. She has not lost her talent for ruling on cases fairly. She will probably die writing her decision about a final case, and have to be carried out. She doesn't work to be political, but to be productive and help persons in her country. She should be honored and emulated if we can.

July 22, 2020


She needs to retire next February after Biden's inauguration. Anyone who wants her to step down now has purely political motives. And anyone gay, bi and/or poz who wants the court to lean even more to the right needs his head examined. Of course, a mindset of greed and control isn't limited to HIV negative heterosexuals. I, for one, do not want the court to allow a state government to control women's reproductive rights or continue gutting voting rights, labor rights, etc...

July 20, 2020 OKC


Insanity. Twice-a-week chemotherapy at her age will leave her in no physical or mental condition to be anywhere near productive in the Court. She needs to step down yesterday. Her refusal is purely political.

July 18, 2020 Texas


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