So much of cancer is about waiting—anxiously. But in a world that can make you feel powerless, taking steps toward wellness can help you take charge.

For Donna Hopkins (“Making Strides”), our cover subject, fitness has always been her edge, from the time her father nailed a basketball hoop onto a shed in the family’s backyard. Being fit has sustained her through two bouts of breast cancer and the partial loss of a leg. In “Fitness and Breast Cancer,” discover the latest science about exercise, body fat and recurrence. 

Quitting smoking, another act of self-care, at any point before a lung cancer diagnosis improves survival. In News, discover how yoga therapy helps people overcome side effects—and supports caregivers too.

Sometimes, it seems that the world is making regaining a sense of control ever harder. Certainly, the coronavirus pandemic has instilled fear of infection in everyone and delayed needed treatment for many. Yet in some ways, the changes may actually improve care. Fight fear with facts by reading “COVID-19: Changing the Face of Cancer Care.”

Everyone needs a little help on the journey toward wellness. Discover how sexual medicine can help both men and women restore sexual function and improve relationships (Your Team). Find out how to keep your hair and care for it after treatment (How To), and discover soothing products to help you feel better (Good Stuff).

Everyone’s path is unique. In “What I Eat,” Glenn Sabin describes how eating “with intent to heal” guides his fork. Jill Cadman (“The Secret”), finds telling the truth liberating. Avie Barron (“A Lymphoma Diary”) earned a blue belt in jiujitsu. Julie Mizraji (Life With Cancer) was devastated by her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis—until she decided to run a half-marathon for her birthday. 

What are your wellness self-care tips? Let us know in the Reader Survey. Now more than ever, stay safe and be well.