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A Surprising Reason for High Prescription Drug Costs

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Unclear point... my own experience. Monthly HIV meds had risen to $4,500.00 per month with $1,200.00 co-pay.Had to BULLY my Doc to change my meds to older “less expensive” meds $3,000.00 a month with $70.00 co-pay. Ultuall VERY artificial & inflated (AND FRUSTRATING). Thanks for POZ’s constant great reporting.

January 9, 2019 Portland Or


I have been on Atripla since 2008. Atripla was approved sometime around 2006...13 years and its components, sustiva and truvada are from the late 90's. Basically meds researched, developed and first sold about 20 years ago. The costs have to have been fully amortized by now yet I have seen Atripal increase in price $1000 per 30 tabs in 10 years. I'm convinced they raise the prices to the level of new drugs to encourage people to move to the new drugs because of the very small price differential

January 9, 2019


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