Tomorrow is my birthday!! I have always loved my birthday but even moreso now, of course, after the whole cancer diagnosis thing… who can blame me? This is what I wrote last year.

This year has flown — full stop.

This year, I made moves, got certified, decided to go to Italy, formed a nonprofit, wrote four books (at least), launched an online course, got new clients, spent time with my kids, friends and loved ones and more.

I worked on my fitness, kept going on my clinical trial and got speaking engagements galore… tonight on the last day of my 41st year, I am resting up for a jam-packed next few days of dinner engagements, Nets basketball tickets, Harry Potter exhibit, friends and family get-together and more.

Happy early birthday to me! May God continue to bless me and my family, and to many many more years in good health! Amen!