I launched my first free webinar today sharing a little bit about how I plan on helping YOU (yes you) get back to whatever it is your “new” normal is — I have been sharing more and more via other websites about what it means to pick up the pieces after cancer drops a nuke in your life to figure out how to get “work ready” again and one piece I am really proud of is this one that I wrote for What Next Cancer’s Blog which has been shared over 200 times already — help me share it more by clicking here.

What I love about that post, besides the prose and my turns of phrases (seriously, I was ON FIRE) but also that it has been updated to include a link directly to the webinar I worked on and launched yesterday.

Let me tell you about the webinar filming — I had aspirations to go into NYC and use my available office space to film it and be “uber professional” BUT life got in the way. I have been being kinder to myself and trying to give myself time to recoup and heal in so many more ways than just being restful and mindful of my new abilities and such.

So instead of being all high-powered Lisa, I used my kids’ playroom to film and my dog made an appearance but everything flowed the way I wanted it to and I was proud of it despite it not being “100 percent corporate level” because that is not me — I am more laid back and personable and just ME. Like, I can help but I do not want to be “this is my business model” because it is not. It is just me trying to help others in a way I know how by saying, honestly, hey, I do not know how to accomplish this yet EITHER but I do know a lot of stuff about it because I used to be an “expert” and this is what I DO know.

I am embedding the video of the webinar playback above and will also update my main page on #careeraftercancer with it to help people be able to view it without having to login, etc.

This is what I do in the time between…