It is not all fear and worry over here for me.

There is also joy and celebrations.

Despite having budget concerns and my whole “what if” issues (like almost every cancer survivor I know — that ish is expensive) there is also some wins.

  • My kids are functional, kind of — though definitely still in summer mode but I have an 11-year-old AND an almost-8-year-old :).

  • My husband and I have a true partnership and I love him and can admit it despite the years of issues we had …Oh and today is his BIRTHDAY so happy birthday, love.

  • My nonprofit has a few partnerships that are kicking into gear.

  • My social media business is doing fairly well — I am running social media for 5 different entities and enjoying it immensely — my brain loves to be working all of the time so this is fun for me because 1. I get paid for it and 2. I love looking at how to promote businesses and how to get the word out there to the public in different ways — and hey, I am finally using that Marketing degree I got in um 1998…

  • I will be speaking at a few events over the next few weeks.

What else can I add? Just a different perspective from the world of uncertainty — this much is certain, I enjoy being busy, I do not get enough sleep and I love my life.
What are your certainties?

XOXO — Supermom