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Dear Every Cancer Patient I Ever Took Care Of, I’m Sorry. I Didn’t Get It.

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You forgot to mention the expense & how it is to deal with medical entities whose main concern is profit and ensuring you will pay the bills left after insurance. How mind-boggling frustrating it is to figure out how you will get the funds to pay upfront for the PET scan co-pay. How, in the US, it is truly all about the money! How the stress from the financial aspect is horrendous. How some doctors send you only to private clinics for radiation, scans, & other treatments.

March 14, 2019 United States


You were enough! You were there when family couldn't be you smiled at me you hugged me you brought me my meds and only orange popsicles! You never once looked at me funny or different and when i couldn't go on you were there. There were times you stayed late to help me get discharged so i could go home.You were and are. An angel. Don't ever ever forget that!! I was in a hospital for over 6 months you are more then you will ever know!!

October 31, 2018 Florida


This is so incredibly important and beautiful. In a survivor from esophageal cancer. In remission now but thoughts never go away. I raise a granddaughter 14 years old. My thoughts are that I don't want anyone to go through this again. Thank you for this

September 16, 2018 Ct


As a nurse with almost 40 years experience, the majority as a Nursing Manager for a huge multi specialty medical group, this hits home. Recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I'm finding it's so very different from the other side. I was given my diagnosis while on a stretcher in an ED hallway where I was getting IV hydration antibiotics and antiemetics for a wicked kidney infection. That was a month ago. Yes, my life has been turned upside down. Truly appreciate this article- spot on!

August 1, 2018 NJ shore

Debbie H

It's ok. I knew you didn't get it. I didn't expect you to get it. My husband nor I got it. Even when my cancer returned and I still survived. Then, he was diagnosed with cancer and died within three years. My strength was and is always in my LORD. You were an angel, though, sent from God to be there for me, and I knew that you were doing your best. I have tried to contact you, and I saw you on one return visit. We hugged and celebrated! Since then, I think of you often. I will always love you.

June 18, 2018 Memphis, TN


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