If you’re still working during cancer treatment or just heading back to work after cancer treatment, you may very well know the struggles of keeping up with a healthy and well balanced diet due to the limited time, energy, or resources you have available. These include not having typical breaks at work, having a standard office job, or having proper storage and equipment to reheat your meals. Recently I came across an article in Cure Magazine called How to Eat Well at Work During and After Cancer that provided the following helpful tips.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Find healthy fast food options. For example, a salad, grilled instead of fried foods, whole grain breads in place of white, or fruit options as a side when available.

  2. Bring easy and speedy options like pre-cut and washed or frozen produce items, rotisserie chicken, or hot bar/cold bar food options.

  3. Use the Crock Pot or Instapot at home to prepare meals to bring to work.

  4. Try batch cooking. You can store food in the freezer or fridge and heat up as needed. Some people cook days to weeks worth of food in one sitting.

  5. Buy some healthy frozen meals for later grab and go use.

  6. Ask your family for help with cooking or meal prep.

  7. Prepare for how to plan for stressful work situations or occasions that may contribute to a habit of unhealthy choices. For example, limit to one serving instead of two or even using mindfulness techniques.

  8. Avoid foods that made/make you sick while receiving your treatment.

  9. Have healthy snacks on hand like nuts, seeds, protein bars, nut butters with whole grain crackers, and dried or fresh fruit. This is especially helpful if there isn’t a microwave, fridge, or set break times available for you.

For more on the topic, read the article here.

This post originally appeared on Survivors’ Table. It is republished with permission.