There are little things in life that you become more thankful for when you’re dealing with the shitty mess of cancer.

Aside from the obvious of “yes! I’m alive!”

I’m thankful for being out of pain. I’m thankful of eating all of my breakfast. I’m thankful that I get to choose what I want for breakfast and it’s not the go-to foods that I can stomach like mashed potatoes, peas and gravy. I’m thankful that I’ve put on weight. I’m thankful that I can walk my dog. I’m thankful that I can focus on tasks. I’m thankful that my friends can talk to me about their problems again. I’m thankful.

The list is endless. You take for granted absolutely everything when you’re healthy.

Today I had a surprise. For once it made me think “hmmm… This isn’t all for nothing. I’m being listened to.”

My blog became a runner-up in the young adult category for the 2017 I had cancer blog awards. I bet you never heard of that one before had you! Haha. Well let me tell you about it. I had cancer is a community that supports cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.

When I first started this blog I didn’t really know what to expect from it or myself. I did wonder if I’d get bored and it would fizzle out.

So I’m proud of myself for getting this far but most of all I’m proud that I am being heard. I don’t know how far I will be a year from now but this time last year I didn’t think I’d be here writing about my experience so anything is possible.

I have a worrying and an uncertain journey ahead of me but I’m thankful for all the support and love I get from you all and for your continued interest.

This wouldn’t be possible without you guys.

This post originally appeared on Happy Smiling Cancer Girl on March 9, 2018. It is republished with permission.