I finally did it!!! I am officially blogging about this craziness called breast cancer. Though I had my last active treatment on July 1, 2016, I am still at war with cancer. Many people outside the cancer world think I’m just fine because I have hair on my head and look kinda cute! I don’t “look sick” to most people. The dark circles are gone. The thing is, this battle still wages on because I am not “cured” by any means. I now have to deal with my post treatment. The crazy thing is I don’t even have a post-treatment schedule. My body is literally allergic to ALL post-treatment options for the type of cancer I had. I still can’t even wrap my brain around that. Why did my body have such horrific side effects from Tamoxifen, Evista, Lupron injections and Arimidex?! My body is still just trying to heal from all the surgeries, chemo and radiation, plus heal from all those side effects of my oncologist basically experimenting with my body until something worked…which it never did.

So, I plan on blogging on how difficult this life on the cancer train is because there is no final destination yet. I cannot even project the future because I honestly don’t know what will happen when I get my six-month scan in February 2018.

Will it come back? Will there be a cure soon? Will I get different type of cancer? Will there be a new post treatment option on the market? Will the long-term side effects that keep rearing its ugly head ever go away? Will I ever get my energy back?

Plus, I will blog about being single and the difficulties and major challenges of just trying to be ME and exist in this insane world.

I shall end here for the night…stay tuned…



This post originally appeared on Life On The Cancer Train. It is republished with permission.