It hit me that although I have written books before (sometimes with ease) that it seemed to be something in the past for me — something I would not be able to do anymore …

Well, I was wrong!

I wanted to share more about how to manage finding career after cancer. I know that the written word is sometimes not preferred — not everyone loves to read but I did think that with the video seminars and the written words here on my blog and on other sites (see Press) being great but it is in pieces and not a front to end guide book on what to do.

The information included in the book is:


Chapter 1 — Welcome to the “new normal”

Chapter 2 — On Confidence

Chapter 3 — On Preparation

Chapter 4 — Resumes & Blank Spaces

Chapter 5 — Interviewing How-To’s

Chapter 6 — What Makes You Happy?

Chapter 7- Dealbreakers & Social Media

Chapter 8 — Keeping an Open Mind

Chapter 9 — Listening to Your Gut

Chapter 10 — On Balance

Epilogue — Next Steps

The book is slim with parts in it to add your own information to help get your mind going to think about what you want to do and how. My plan, however, is to give the book away for free with my training sessions, which I hope to be doing in person as well as online.

If you want a copy of the book, please sign up on my homepage Career After Cancer.

The book is also available on Amazon.

​This book joins the other 4 I have written about business / entrepreneurship and careers ​and of course my children’s book that I also give away for free to other moms who have experienced cancer (sign up here if you want a copy of it — and sign up even if you want a copy in Spanish, as a Breastie translated it for me into Spanish — for FREE! (Thanks, Mish!)

Let me know what you think about books vs. video training — my goal is to have these things go together in so many new ways! Thanks!