Over the next four months Fans for the Cure will roll out a new and exciting and ongoing initiative called Catch for the Cure, or THE CATCH. In short it will take the form of a peer-to-peer 5K or 10K run – without the running. Participants will be asked to recruit a partner, grab a baseball glove and a ball, and simply have a catch. As with the 5-K and 10-K races, those engaging in THE CATCH will be asked to solicit financial support of their efforts from friends, family and colleagues, all proceeds of which will go to the ongoing programs of Fans for the Cure.

I often harken back to playing catch with my dad when I was a young boy. These live on among my most cherished memories. I am excited for men, women, and their loved ones to create new memories through The Catch – sharing special time together as they support men and families on their prostate cancer journeys.

–Ed Randall, Founder + Chief Advocacy Officer

We see THE CATCH bringing together fathers and sons, moms and daughters, and coaches with former players. It can also be brothers, sisters, neighbors, and one-time high school and college teammates getting together to see if the ol’ arm still works.

And let’s not forget that the best part of a good catch is the lively conversation with the person receiving our throws. Or no conversation at all, doing all your talking with a fluttering knuckleball.

Just as annual runs have broadened participation in many charities, Fans for the Cure is hoping for THE CATCH to be an annual signature event for our charity. And it will work just like a 5-K or 10-K without the our least favorite part – the running.

You will hear more about THE CATCH soon, as former Dodgers and Padres legend Steve Garvey gets together will a collection of friends from the world of MLB and kicks off THE CATCH to the Fans for the Cure community.

Learn more about THE CATCH here.