The holidays can be joyous with plenty of cheer, but as we leave those festivities of 2017; you may continue to fester the continued reality of your multiple myeloma. The reminder that beginning or continuing your goals to beating this illness is still fresh and a part of your New Year’s resolution.

New Year Starter Survival Tips

Family and Friend Time

I know many embraced the time they have with loved ones for the holiday, but now more than ever you’ll need that bond for 2018. Having those who care for you no matter what life brings your way can settle your peace of mind. The elephant in the room is real — now it’s time to beat this with those who you trust to hold your hand through the process.

Eating Resolutions

Okay, the holidays are over and if you’re lucky you’ve gained a few pounds. I say this as too often we can’t stomach a lot due to the exhausting meds. Well now it’s time to stay on a regimen that allows you to intake a proper diet. Though some are fortunate to eat without any issues, care should still be taken in building those necessary nutrients.


Popping another pill while going through other medication can be daunting; However, adding vitamins to your regimen is a must! A multivitamin can help build up a weak immune system. The research is out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit.

Reflection of the Future

At some point that elephant has to be addressed, and addressing your new life with a positive, I can beat this attitude makes all the difference in the world. Get your game plan ready to move ahead in treatment, new team, clinical trials, whatever it is to allow you to move forward.

Cheers, my fellow MM survivors — may the New Year be positive, prosperous and healthy … Smile, You’ll get through this.



This post originally appeared on Another Face…of Multiple Myeloma. It is republished with permission.