I have always been a for-profit kind of gal. From my first jobs in downtown NYC and investment banks to my various entrepreneurial pursuits … and even working, it was all about numbers, the bottom line and building equity I guess for what, who knows…

I have learned, with all of the scars and bumps to prove it, that the real currency, the real bottom line is how many people you help and how you help them.

When I got cancer, I was humbled by everyone who pitched in and did whatever it was I used to do that covered like maybe 2-3 people worth of stuff. I also saw who didn’t help and who even tried to hurt — yes, people are human and as such they can be sucky … but I do not waste my thoughts on that.

I knew I wanted to help others once I grew a pair of balls and put my name out there for real as a cancer patient with my blog in June 2017. I have been blown away by the power of sharing and how many people I have come to know through blogging and social media that have become like family to me.

​Website Stats

Since I relaunched the website as a .org in November 2017 (which took away previous user data), I have had over 900k pageviews and over 43,000 unique visitors.​ It was forward thinking that I organized the website as a .org as I was not yet a nonprofit… Things have a way of working out!

Nonprofit Status & FREE Webinars

My original nonprofit application was denied (I had filled out the form wrong — easy to do with chemo brain…)

I wasn’t sure if I would reapply because I couldn’t get my head around it but I did and promptly forgot about it. In the interim I had launched and created my first free webinar about how to be confident prepared and have a plan to get back to work after cancer.

I did this video at home and struggled with the webinar service — I mean, if I wanted to be more “profit-minded”, I would never provide these seminars for FREE with just a simple YouTube link — not even a “log in landing page” like the webinar service provided.

That being said, I do suggest folks sign up through my website, though, just so that I can be sure they get information about all of the new and exciting things I have coming for my #careeraftercancer initiative. If you are interested in learning more with me, you can sign up here.

I have seen enough webinars in my life to know that the basic strategy of them is to show just enough to entice viewers to “buy” something to move forward. This is not the point of my nonprofit webinars, though I might try that strategy for my small business website…

Instead I put my training and lessons out there, I post my story to any website that will have me and continue to get 2,000–3,000 unique visitors per week here at thetimebetweenis.org. Also, this month, the second most viewed page is the Career after Cancer page!

Website Redesign

Also, in case you have been visiting me recently, you will notice that I did redesign my site. Originally, when you got to my homepage, it was the blog. Now, with the magic of site redirect and all this programming stuff, I switched my landing page to be the Career after Cancer page and the blog is now the second item on the navigation. Let me know what you think of it — it had to be done, in my opinion, to showcase my focus — of course, I will always blog and not just about being a nonprofit, either. The blog is still my catharsis and my way of connecting with any of you on a one to one basis with the realities of having cancer and being a mom and being a wife and my perennial ways of oversharing are still 100 percent intact!

New Book

Another BIG thing is that I wrote a book about how to be career ready! Now, this is not such a HUGE deal as I had written 4 professional books before but this is the first book I was able to write that is more than a few pages of text since my cancer crap. I never thought I would be able to do it again…

The book is my mantra with all of my advice and lessons in one place — well at least the first round of it! I called it first in a series because I might definitely have more to add.

I do believe that this book and my free training and whatever else I launch next (always thinking, my brain is on fire) will help other people who have dealt with cancer get back to work — if they want to and if they can.

I always share that the true gift is knowing life is short and that to help others is the best we can do. This is just my little way to do it — if you have been through cancer (any kind) and now are ready to get out there and rock your professional life, reach out to me at thetimebetweenis@gmail.com or sign up on my homepage.