By Cody R. Barnett, MRA Director of Communications 

Clinical trials offer patients access to treatment approaches that may prove more beneficial than anything currently approved by the FDA. In addition, clinical trials drive our understanding of melanoma forward, improving future treatment options for all patients. At MRA, we are passionate about educating melanoma patients about all of their treatment options, including clinical trials! 

On June 24, MRA Chief Science Officer Marc Hurlbert, MRA Director of Communications Cody Barnett, and Antidote’s Head of Partnerships Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards discuss what matters most to melanoma patients when it comes to participating in clinical trials. The conversation, informed by a 2018 study of 400+ melanoma patients and survivors, provided actionable insight into what would make patients feel like a partner in research and different factors that would motivate their participation.  

Watch the recording: 

This post was originally published by the Melanoma Research Alliance. It is republished with permission.