I know I already wrote about how I am a Unicorn but this is a bit more about options and how I made my choices.

Reconstruction options

I knew when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right boob that I wanted it chopped off. The doctors tried to tell me to wait to see if a lumpectomy was an option but I just knew it had to go. Ultimately, I did need a mastectomy as the tumor was 5.6cm and dispersed throughout the breast not in one spot only.

I also knew I did not want to reconstruct. This is a very personal decision.

I only knew flat was an option to me because I was too stubborn to have additional surgeries. I wanted it over and done with and reconstruction would cause more surgery and or more complications.

I had to meet with a plastic surgeon anyway despite knowing I did not want to have an implant.

​That meeting was fun — the nurse told me I was nuts to not want to reconstruct (I’m paraphrasing) but she thought especially because I was so young that I would miss the breast.

Well, I don’t miss it. I’m half-flat, no longer using prosthetics AND posing topless to prove it — let me just tell you I have never been the type of person to be nude anywhere but, you know, the normal places and circumstances. I’ll be 42 this year and I never thought I would pose naked anywhere — but I also never thought I would get cancer, soooo…

I’m just happy in my skin I love my body scars and all — do you?

I’m so lucky to be alive and to have a supportive husband who just doesn’t care that I only have one boob. I forget why people stare at me when I’m out as I’m more than lopsided I’m just bone on the right side.

I wish I had been this kind to my body before — I never appreciated or loved myself as much as I do now: I pose for these pics smiling so other women know that even with just my one tit I’m still happy feel as though I am sexy and womanly despite only having one breast.

What have you done to appreciate your body no matter what it has going for it or missing from it? After 2 children and yo-yoing weight and just general abusing myself with junk food stress and anxiety I am now as close to who I truly am in my soul, one boob and all.

Supermom XOXO

Also, did you get offered a trial? Have you been on one? What can you share about it? Thanks! Super Mom Xoxo