Welcome to Stay in the Game: Conversations about Prostate Cancer with Ed Randall. Here we’ll chat with doctors, researchers, medical professionals, survivors, and others to share and connect. This show was produced and shared by Fans for the Cure, a non-profit dedicated to serving men on their journeys through prostate cancer.

Karen Shaffer and Shari Costello are women (and good friends) whose husbands have journeyed with prostate cancer. In this compelling discussion, they share the experiences and challenges of being caregivers to life partners dealing with serious disease.

Karen has been a longtime friend of Fans for the Cure and its programs. She gave the keynote address at our charity’s 2017 All-Star Gala, where she spoke from the heart about her 10-year journey with prostate cancer, the disease that took the life of her husband John.

In addition to her advocacy for caregivers and Women’s Support Group moderator role with Fans for the Cure, Karen is a Special Education teacher at a middle school in central New Jersey.

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