Friends and Family,

Things are going far better than we could have hoped, and we’re excited! Once again, I have fallen and landed on my feet.

I must be on about my 16th life.

Genevieve and I were expecting to travel to LA or Denver for a clinical trial until my oncologist got me into a closed trial in Portland. She put me on the wait list fast enough so that when an opening came up, I was at the top of the list. Since the list could include people in South Korea, the UK, and many sites across the US, her speed made the difference. I only wish it didn’t mean others don’t get in.

The trial is for amivantamab [brand name Rybrevant], a drug that has already proven effective for my mutation (EGFR exon 19). The trial is to see if injecting the drug into belly fat is just as effective, while causing less side effects, than an infusion. There’s no guarantee the drug will work, but there never is.

I’ll start the trial on Valentine’s Day. Almost fifteen months ago I started chemo on Genevieve’s birthday, which didn’t thrill me. She saw it differently. She said, “what a wonderful birthday present.” Chemo pulled me back from the brink. I’m hoping this trial turns out to be an even bigger gift.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support.



This post originally appeared  February 2, 2023, on Dann’s Cancer Chronicles. It is republished with permission.