Welcome to my blog all about survival, being a mom, being a breast cancer survivor and the art of BALANCE.

​I was blogging about life, love and being one-boobed over at The Time Between Is but found that site to be better equipped to sharing the survival tactics through the nonprofit I founded called Career After Cancer. This site will be where I share my truth — my unvarnished story of balancing on one boob.

If you are also in this with me, welcome to the club no one ever wanted to join. I hope instead you are just here to partake in the voyeurism of how a modern-day Type A personality learned to let go and live within the confines of this thing called “NED” where you technically will always have cancer and you try, just the same, to be the mom you once were while recognizing all of the stupid good that came out of being told, “You have cancer.”

And screw me because I never would thank cancer for ANYTHING and in fact, I wish every day that I and anyone else with this disease would ALL never have gotten it and that it could be eradicated off the face of the earth — so this is my open letter, my space to be and share all that I wish people would understand if you have perfect health, embrace it, know your risks though and do not be a jerk to those of us in the cancer community who struggle scan to scan, appointment to appointment and just want to be here to embrace our kids or have kids or just to be alive.

Thanks, your friendly neighborhood superhero, cancer mom.