Generic Name: temsirolimus

Pronunciation: N/A

Abbreviation: N/A

Other Market Name: N/A

Drug Class: Targeted Therapy Medications

Company: Pfizer/Wyeth

Approval Status: Approved

Generic Version Available: No

Experimental Code: N/A

Drug Indication

Torisel is a kinase inhibitor approved for the treatment of advanced kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma).

General Info

Torisel inhibits mTOR, a kinase that which plays a role in cell growth and metabolism and blood vessel development.

A Phase III trial showed that Torisel improved progression-free and overall survival compared with interferon-alfa in people with previously untreated clear-cell and non-clear-cell renal cell carcinoma. It was first approved in 2007.


Dosing Info:

Torisel is given as an intravenous infusion.

Side Effects

Common side effects include skin rash, mouth sores, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite and swelling. It can cause depletion of red blood cells (anemia), white blood cells (neutropenia) and platelets (thrombocytopenia), which can lead to fatigue, infections and easy bleeding. Potential serious side effects may include severe hypersensitivity reactions, liver and kidney toxicity, elevated blood glucose and lipid levels, intestinal perforation and slow wound healing. Torisel may cause fetal harm if used during pregnancy.

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Last Reviewed: March 24, 2019