3D PREDiCT Models Oncology Summit 2019

2018’s inaugural event saw over 80 leading scientists from 50+ different model-development and pharmaceutical organizations meet to define core criteria for the use of 3D tumor models. This year, alongside fresh new case studies and speakers, discussions will address open questions to translatability, platform validity, alongside how additive technologies are presenting further opportunities for these models.

“The meeting was excellent. I was impressed with the array of highly relevant experts that were brought together to speak” - Merck, Associate Principal Scientist, PREDiCT 3D Oncology Attendee

“I really enjoyed the conference, and I learned a lot, both from presentations and informal interactions. Presentations were well balanced between science and technical innovation, and speakers focused on highlighting pros and cons of each application, which is helpful for someone just starting to explore the field of 3D models” - Jounce Therapeutics

PREDiCT 3D Models Attendee URLs: Tickets: Brochure: Price Conference Only (Pharma & Academic): USD 2499.0 Conference + 1 Workshop (Pharma & Academic): USD 2998.0 Conference + 2 Workshops (Pharma & Academic): USD 3497.0 Conference + 3 Workshops (Pharma & Academic): USD 3996.0 Workshop Each (Pharma & Academic): USD 599.0 Conference Only (Model & Service Providers): USD 2499.0 Conference + 1 Workshop (Model & Service Providers): USD 2998.0 Conference + 2 Workshops (Model & Service Providers): USD 3497.0 Conference + 3 Workshops (Model & Service Providers): USD 3996.0 Workshop Each (Model & Service Providers): USD 599.0

Artists / Speakers: William Hastings, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Tim Spice, Scripps Institute, Szczepan Baran, Novartis, Sylvia Boj, Hubrecht Organoid Technology, Shane Horman, Novartis GNF, Roger Kamm, MIT, Monica Gostissa, Jounce Therapeutics, Mark Paris, Mitra Biotech, Karsten Boehnke, Eli Lilly and Company, Joseph Charest, Draper, Joe Grosso, BMS, Jason Ekert, GlaxoSmithKline, Elad Katz, University of Dundee, Dik Van Gent, Erasmus MC, Daniel Harrington, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Chen Zhao, NIH, Anita Seshire, EMD Serono, Alejandro Amador, GSK, Adam Cohen, Hanson Wade

May 7 ‐ May 9, 2019
1 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston MA 02111
Hyatt Regency Boston





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