Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) invites you to attend the workshop, Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy. Scheduled for Oct.12-13, 2020, at the Millennium Times Square in New York, this SITC workshop will focus on providing a deeper understanding of cytokines in immune cell proliferation, differentiation, and function, as they pertain to tumor immunobiology and cancer immunotherapy approaches.

The workshop will consist of scientific sessions and expert-led discussion by invited faculty on pressing topics in the field of cytokines in immunology and cancer immunotherapy. This workshop will encourage further investigation into the use of cytokines as solo therapeutic agents as well as in combination with cancer treatments by bringing together established experts and drawing talented new scientists and clinicians into the area of cytokines and immune cell differentiation and function.

It is anticipated that the efforts of this workshop will foster renewed exchange and research on the promising topic of cytokines and their interactions in cancer development and therapy, lead to further research, and provide a solid scientific foundation for future clinical interventions to modulate anti-tumor immunity with combinations of cytokines and other immunotherapies.

October 12 ‐ October 13, 2020
New York, NY
Millennium Times Square





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