Microbiome Movement - Oncology Response Summit

The inaugural Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit has been established to improve your understanding on how to translate microbiome-oncology research from discovery settings and from retrospective clinical investigations into the routine oncology practice. This first-of-its-kind event is your opportunity to learn from the expertise of key opinion leaders from pre-clinical, translational and clinical scientists from large pharma, biotech and academia presenting the latest case studies and in-depth discussion on key topics including: - Discover the mechanistic pathways underpinning the causality of the microbiome in cancer and consequential effects of cancer therapeutics on microbial dysbiosis - Understand how –omics data are being integrating to inform cancer clinical decision making - Investigate translational applications of the microbiome in cancer 1) to improve clinical safety outcomes, 2) as a validated biomarker to predict patient response and 3) as an LBP monotherapy or adjuvant to enhance therapeutic efficacy (particularly in the context of immunotherapy) - Explore the nutritional interventions for cancer treatment and prevention - Harness clinical experience to establish gold standards for cancer clinical trials incorporating the microbiome as a measurable endpoint - Uncover how to integrate the microbiome into existing oncology medical practice and drug development infrastructures There is no question that applying the microbiome in cancer is the next frontier to enhance already existing oncology pipelines. Join us to advance the next wave of robust and evidence-based microbiome research into routine oncology practice. Early booking and group discounts apply, start-up and academic rates are available - see the website for details. Price Conference & 1 Workshop: USD 2898.0 Conference: USD 2399.0 Workshop: USD 599.0 Artists / Speakers: Gregory Poore, MD/PhD Candidate, UCSD Centre for Microbiome Innovation, Wendy Garrett, Professor of Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Fyza Shaikh,, MD Postdoctoral Fellow John Hopkins Hospital, Alex Stevenson, Chief Scientific Officer, 4D Pharma, James Burgess, VP Innovation, Finch Therapeutics, Sergei Grivennikov, Assistant Professor, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Imke Mulder, Director of Research, 4D Pharma, Maya Kahan-Hanum, CRC Project Leader, BiomX, Romain Daillère, Head of Preclinical Research & Co- Founder, EverImmune, Bruce Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer, Vedanta Biosciences, Lata Jayaraman, Head of Tumor Immunotherapy, Seres Therapeutics, Daniel van der Lelie, Chief Scientific Officer, Gusto Global, Mingyang Song, MD, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Marcel van den Brink, MD, Head of Hematologic Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Xue Liang, Senior Scientist, Microbiome/ Molecular Discovery, Merck Exploratory Science Center, Sandrine Miller- Montgomery, Executive Director, Center for Microbiome Innovation - Professor of Practice, Bioengineering, UCSD Centre for Microbiome Innovation, Diwakar Davar, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Jennifer McQuade, MD, Assistant Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Trevor Lawley, Chief Scientific Officer & Co- Founder, Microbiotica, Christophe Bonny, Chief Scientific Officer, Enterome Biosciences Time: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

July 22 ‐ July 24, 2019
200 Stuart Street, Boston MA 02116
Revere Hotel Boston Common





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