John Berry is no stranger to health crises. In the past, he has undergone brain and vocal cord surgery. Now, the Grammy-winning country singer is battling tonsil cancer, PEOPLE reports.

On January 22, Berry and his wife, Robin, released a video on his official Facebook page revealing the diagnosis.

In November, while on his Christmas tour, Berry says he had a “catch” in his throat that “felt exactly like the skin of a Spanish peanut.”

“I couldn’t get rid of it,” Berry said. “Finally, I got a flashlight and I looked down my throat and my tonsils were really swollen.”

This prompted him to visit a nurse practitioner, who prescribed antibiotics and steroids. But Berry saw no improvement. A second round of drugs also did nothing.

Robin encouraged Berry to see an otolaryngologist, or an ENT, an ear, nose and throat doctor. In January, his doctor ordered a CT scan.

“In there, they found that he had two tumors in his tonsils,” Robin said. “We’re so grateful that it was contained to the tonsil and that they were able to take both tonsils out.”

However, a biopsy confirmed that Berry had tonsil cancer, for which Berry is currently undergoing treatment that will last about five weeks.

“This particular cancer is one of the most highly treatable and has an incredible cure rate,” Berry said; Robin added the rate is over 90 percent.

Fans were encouraged to contact Berry with words of love and support via email or regular mail.

“Robin and I have a Bible verse that we’ve been claiming during this time,” said Berry. Quoting Philippians 4:13, he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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