Colorado senator Michael Bennet, 54, is running for president, joining scores of other Democratic candidates in the 2020 race. In his campaign announcement, Bennet also announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the Colorado Independent reports.

The self-described “long shot” candidate told reporters last week that just as he had become comfortable with his decision to run, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer during a physical. It’s the same kind of cancer that previous Democratic candidate John Kerry faced in 2003. Two weeks after surgery, Kerry was back on the campaign trail.

Bennet’s surgery to remove his prostate is scheduled for soon after the congressional spring recess, which begins April 11. He hopes to be cancer-free for the remainder of his presidential bid.

“The reason I wanted to share this is that I didn’t want anyone to make it other than what it is—a brief health care speed bump,” Bennet told reporters in his campaign announcement.

One in nine men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Only one in 39 of those diagnosed die of it.

“It was detected early. It is highly treatable. I have insurance through Kaiser Permanente. I feel lucky that the doctors found it. I feel lucky that I’ll probably be OK,” Bennet added.

As for Bennet’s politics, he is a long defender of affordable, universal health care, about which he spoke extensively during his announcement. He also is a vocal critic of what he sees as dysfunction in Congress.