I have huge news to share. I met some soulmates — they are Megan and Alisa and they run an annual event called the “Soul Success Summit” out in Santa Barbara, California.

As an entrepreneur (since 1999, y’all), I have done a lot, seen a lot and most importantly FAILED a lot. I took all of my lessons and wrote books on it — see them here (and those are just the books I wrote on entrepreneurial stuff).

It can be so hard to be an entrepreneur — it is isolating (not as isolating as cancer but isolating in its own way). You have all of these ideas in your head and plans and it can be hard to find like-minded people who are interested in hearing about them and giving their opinions.

When I heard about the Soul Success Summit, I knew I had to apply to speak at it — I also knew it would be a long shot for me to be picked. I am, in some ways, a great candidate, but I have BIG drawbacks. My talk is more specifically related to my new niche — the one no one wants — that of being a cancer survivor as well as an entrepreneur, educator, author and speaker. I have so much to share but it is all back to “balance” and understanding how we find joy and how we MUST take care of ourselves.

I am not the speaker who will focus only on the bottom line — I talk about the full life, all of the things that bring us joy and HEALTH — health above all. There is a component I bring, a vibrancy and passion to what I share that the founders of this event saw and knew would be a great fit for the AMAZING women who will be speaking and learning at this event.

I cannot wait to find my new girl tribe — I am so honored to have been picked to be a speaker at this event for the weekend of March 30-31; the event is so huge it has been broken up into two weekends! Can you believe it?

If you have read my words and not yet met me, come to California to hang out with the best girl minds in the business of making businesses successful. If you know me anyway in real life, come TOO. Use the code “lisanielsen” to get $100 off your ticket here, and come on to Cali with me…

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