I emailed the radiation oncologist yesterday and his response at 6:13 a.m. Saturday ???? was about what I expected:

  • He agreed with another PSA test and recommended doing it in six weeks (mid-December).

  • Reminded me that the current PSA of 0.21 ng/mL is still below the starting point of 0.36 ng/mL at the beginning of radiation, so in his eyes, this is technically not progression, but…

  • He also agreed that the “trajectory means we need to keep a closer eye on it.”

I emailed the urologist to request another PSA test before our appointment on 14 December before I received the response from the RO, and I’m awaiting the urologist’s response. I’ll forward the RO’s recommendation to reinforce my request.

I’m hoping I can get the PSA done on Friday, 8 December or Monday, 11 December in time to have the results for my 14 December appointment. That would be close enough to the RO’s mid-December recommendation. (Why does this crap always seem to happen just before the holidays???)

More to come.

This post originally appeared November 4, 2023, on Dan’s Journey Through Prostate Cancer. It is republished with permission.