Fans for the Cure is thrilled to announce that Dr. Stacy Loeb, a Professor of Urology and Population Health at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, will join us for the upcoming meeting of our Women’s Support Group. That meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM ET over Zoom.

About Stacy Loeb, MD

A practicing urologist, Dr. Stacy Loeb is a leader in medical research and a host of Doctor Radio on Sirius XM. Her work in prostate cancer brought her to the attention of Fans for the Cure. We were delighted to welcome her as a guest on our Stay in the Game podcast back in September. In our conversation, Dr. Loeb spoke about her research, her practice, PSA exams, the value of nutrition, and so much more. We recommend listening to the episode at least twice.

Since sitting down with Ed Randall for an interview, Dr. Loeb has been exploring the role of caregivers in connection with prostate cancer. It was her research in that area that brought Dr. Loeb in touch with our Women’s Support Group, which meets every other Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Our Women’s Support Group

In our conversations with families journeying with prostate cancer, we often hear how women have little or no support for the stress and challenges that they face in supporting the men they love. Since COVID-19 spread across the globe, we have come to realize that this lack of support has created even more stress and difficulties for those women who are an integral part of a man’s prostate cancer journey.

Fans for the Cure provides a platform for women to share experiences, support each other, and benefit from the company of other women who are also on journeys with prostate cancer. To be clear, these support groups are not formal therapy or counseling. They are a way for women to gather virtually and informally to engage in conversations and support one another.

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