Friends and Family,

The cancer has shrunk in my lungs, liver, and lymph nodes,  and with the help of the PleurX drains, the lung fluid is greatly reduced, which has left room for my lungs to expand and breathe. The cancer in my spine shows the scarring associated with the cancer dying off in the bones. Everything is going great!

Genevieve and I expected a good report because of how much better I’ve been feeling and how much more physically active I have been over the last several weeks, but good results were never a given. As Dr. Sanborn pointed out, few people have lived long enough to go through three different courses of chemo, so it’s not like she can point to research that shows that out of several hundred people, this is what you can expect. She didn’t know how my body would react to having carboplatin for a second time. (For the first course of treatment, in 2006, I had cisplatin, which only works well once for most people).


I’ve never seen a doctor so excited to share my CT results with us before. Dr. Sanborn said that after all the bad news we were hit with in such a short period of time, it felt great to be able to share some good news. I should let her know that she’s welcome to share good news any time she wants.

Next I have two more rounds of chemo with carboplatin, which will mean I’m finished with carbo just before Valentine’s Day. After that, I’ll get the the much milder Alimta by itself every three weeks for as long as it continues to work. Genevieve and I know people who have been on Alimta for years, so that’s our next goal: Years of Alimta every three weeks. My treatment plan won’t change as long as it continues to work. As Dr. Sanborn pointed out, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it This also gives more time for other new treatments to come along. Any way we can buy time, we’ll take it!

Thank you for all of your, love, encouragement, and support through the roughest time we have had since my cancer journey began fifteen-plus years ago. Your intentions, check-ins, positive thoughts, and healing energy have gotten us through these challenges. We are grateful for you.

This post originally appeared on Dann’s Cancer Chronicles on December 16, 2021. It is republished with permission.