I have pushed through writer’s block and finally released some pent-up thoughts I’ve had for months. As an empath, I often struggle not to take things so personally, especially when much of it is out of my control. Yesterday, I had a major breakthrough that I can’t wait to tell my cutie therapist about next week.

It has taken over 25 years to officially accept the reality that certain people will never DO or BE better. I’ll be clear, it is white people that I am talking about here. Yes, I know there are good eggs out there, but I’m the one who must deal with being constantly undermined, disrespected, and dismissed in multiple areas of my life. Then add the insanity of the GQP, criminal defendant tRump, and maggots, and it threw me into an even deeper pit of despair.

Megan-Claire ChaseCourtesy of Megan-Claire Chase

I honestly thought there would be real change after the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery, and sooo many more, and the insurrection. We saw the worst in people, and nothing changed for the better. I see how insidious white supremacy is and how easy it is just to shrink and not want to take up any space. The hate being spewed on each day. Not seeing any repercussions for their actions has caused me to stop believing in liberty and justice for all.

The fact that Black History, which is American History, is being erased in certain states has cut me to the core. I’ve done so much inner work to address my own mixed fragility and learned to love my Blackness. Just like cancer can’t take away the essence of me, I will no longer allow certain white people to dampen my joy, my pride, my expertise, or my worth.

Black Lives Matter but will never matter enough for racists in positions of power or white women’s tears.

Here’s a video that summarizes my thoughts even further.

Until next time,

Warrior Megsie