I’m forever amazed that I’ve been able to turn my cancer experience into multiple lemon martinis (not a fan of lemonade). I was hit hard by financial toxicity post-cancer that has taken years to overcome – and I do mean YEARS. I had to reinvent my career which is still a work in progress. I had to face the loss of certain dreams after NED (no evidence of disease) and I began a long-term relationship. It’s painful but necessary to embrace the suck of my reality — no siblings, single, loss of fertility, financial toxicity, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, painsomnia, fending off microaggressions and overt racism, and more friends dying from stage IV cancer.

While the above is pretty much doom and gloom, I do have some major life updates that have me over the moon with glee!

Video #1 Closing day on MY condo with my fabulous realtor Coneilia Reddy. My usual flair was on steroids due to the excitement!

Video #2 – Thanking cancer fam & FL realtor Andrea (Andi) Gamble, my GA realtor Coneilia Reddy, and my lender David Fairbank and his team for being in my corner and helped to turn this dream into a reality.

While I am utterly elated that I became a homeowner this week, my giddiness transformed into worry for my Nathan Edgar aka Baby Natey. He was diagnosed with stage III kidney disease and progressive arthritis in his back legs. I even had to give him an IV of fluids because he was dehydrated. Then he had two focal seizures on Thursday. No idea what caused them, but I was able to capture the second one on video to show the vet during our follow-up appointment Friday. We did come up with next steps if he experiences another one — how I hope it was a fluke. My 20 year old baby’s health is declining…and that’s all I can say at the moment.

Video #3 – See recap of Baby Natey’s recent vet appointment at The Cat Doctor in Sandy Springs, GA.

It has definitely been a tough time with some major celebrations and then major concern occurring all in the same week.

Until next time,

Warrior Megsie

This post originally appeared February 4, 2024, on Life on The Cancer Train. It is republished with permission.