Forty miles per hour winds and 45-degree temperatures — I warned my team not to come as it was so cold but they all came and more! I am so lucky and blessed to have all these people in my life!

I was part of the committee for the event, my team raised enough money to be in the top 5 (and I didn’t even get the donation from the restaurant that hosted our big night yet — more on that soon) and I got to cut the ribbon to begin the walk!

I have been hard on myself this October — thinking I did not do enough, I did not write enough and all that, but looking at this and some other things I will be sharing soon I do not think I did half bad.

Breast Cancer, and cancer in general, sucks and sometimes I do feel that loneliness but not during this walk I was warm and loved and I love in return :). This is life after cancer diagnosis.