I’ve definitely been derelict in my blogging duties this summer, and that’s okay. My last regular update was in May and it’s now September—otherwise known as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s time to help spread the word about prostate cancer to those in your lives that need to hear the message.

As far as my own status is concerned, I’d say that I’m back to my post-surgery, pre-radiation days with no appreciable side effects aside from mildly increased urinary urgency that’s manageable.

My next PSA test will be in November. As a refresher, my post-radiation PSA results were:

  • November 2022 – 0.05 ng/mL
  • March 2023 – 0.13 ng/mL
  • May 2023 – 0.11 ng/mL

Let’s hope the downward trend continues.

The excitement of the summer was about two weeks ago when the remnants of Hurricane Hilary came into San Diego as a tropical storm. It’s the first time since 1939 that a tropical storm landed in San Diego. The last time a hurricane hit the area was 1858. Needless to say, we don’t have a ton of experience preparing for such storms, unlike Florida and the Gulf Coast states.

Luckily, there was minimal damage here in San Diego (none to my home), but substantial mudslides, rockslides, and flash flooding in the mountains and deserts east and north of San Diego.

This post originally appeared September 1, 2023, on Dan’s Journey Through Prostate Cancer. It is republished with permission.