has been online since late September and we have now officially launched Cancer Health magazine in print. The premier issue is being mailed this week to cancer centers and clinics across the United States.

The premier issue content is available on our website, via Issuu or as a PDF. Fill out this form if you’d like bulk copies for your institution.

Below is the text of Smart + Strong’s press release announcing the launch. 

Smart + Strong Announces the Launch of Cancer Health Magazine

Award-winning publisher has long empowered readers to live their healthiest and longest life possible.

Smart + Strong, the publisher of award-winning community-focused health magazines and websites, announced today the launch of its newest brand, Cancer Health. The first print issue of Cancer Health magazine is being mailed this week to cancer centers and clinics. The magazine and related website,, were developed in response to the growing need for educational and interactive services for people living with cancer and to provide an array of services, including comprehensive basics, treatment news, conference coverage and community forums.

“At Smart + Strong, we know that when you are armed with expert, unbiased health care information, when you are empowered and inspired to advocate for your needs and when you can connect to others dealing with a similar health condition, you are more likely to survive and thrive,” says Liz Highleyman, editor-in-chief of Cancer Health.

“Cancer Health was created to raise awareness of the importance of knowing one’s health status to ensure optimal health for individuals and to address a large, and growing, public health concern in the United States,” says Ian E. Anderson, president of Smart + Strong. “Cancer Health guides people with cancer through their diagnosis and care and treatment. It also serves as a tool for health care workers treating people with the condition.” 

Smart + Strong is the parent company of an award-winning stable of magazines and their related websites including: POZ and, for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS;, focused on hepatitis care and treatment; Cancer Health and, for people living with and affected by cancer; Real Health and, focused on African-American health; Tu Salud and, focused on Latino health; and Sane and for people seeking mental wellness information. For more information about Smart + Strong, please visit