In one week, I turn 27.

Two years ago when I turned 25, I was a far different man (and I don’t even mean anatomically). Young(er), a recent homeowner, starting a great new job — I thought I was on top of the world and invincible. Little did I know I would be fighting for my life just a few months later.

This year for my birthday, I want to make it a special day for the testicular cancer community. This post isn’t asking for gifts for myself. (To be transparent, I may have already emailed my mom separately for this, though she does subscribe to the blog, too.)

I have partnered with Resilience.Gives to raise funds for the Testicular Cancer Society. The best part — by supporting this fundraiser, you get a pretty sweet pair of socks (shown above) for yourself!

If you couldn’t tell, I designed these socks myself, with help from their design team. These socks fit the theme of my blog and my mission. While it is a serious topic, I talk about testicular cancer with humor and positivity. The perfect pair of humor of humor and education helps remind guys to regularly take care of their own perfect pair.

You can purchase your own pair of these socks for $20. Aside from being fashionable, hilarious, and very comfortable, 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the Testicular Cancer Society, a charity that I personally received support from during my cancer battle. In addition to helping current patients, they do incredible work with educating young men about this disease.

The other 50% of proceeds goes to Resilience.Gives to help continue their mission. They work with cancer patients and survivors to raise money for medical bills or donations to charity (as in my case). I have spoken directly with the founder/CEO (who is a fellow cancer survivor) and I love what he’s doing with this organization.

I ask that you please visit this link to purchase a pair of these special socks, which will hopefully help remind you (or another man in your life) to take care of another special pair.

If you would like to donate directly to TCS, there is a link to do so on the page, too.

PS — This is a limited run, so act quickly! The fundraising drive ends on August 12th.

This post originally appeared on A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. It is republished with permission.