Cancer Health Spring 2023

Cancer Health Spring 2023

In every issue, you’ll find cutting-edge health information and the hottest topics of interest to people with cancer and their loved ones.

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Catherine  Wreford Ledlow

A Star Is Reborn

Terminal brain cancer prompted Catherine Wreford Ledlow to return to the stage, with determination and grit.

question mark formed from healthy foods with healty fats

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment

For people who are newly diagnosed or undergoing active treatment, there is little specific dietary guidance, but new evidence is emerging.

Editor’s Letter

illustration pill with fruit inside

More Than Meds

Cancer Health editor Trent Straube introduces the spring 2023 issue, including articles on treatments, exercise, clinical trials and more.


alcohol drinks cocktails beer wine liquor

Don’t Drink to That

All alcoholic drinks—even wine—are carcinogenic.

illustration male anatomy figure intestines

Colorectal Screenings

Manly barriers and promising access via mail-in tests for colorectal screenings.

Diagnoses in the News

Andy Taylor, Tim Commerford, Jamie Raskin and Martina Navratilova make cancer headlines.

ThisIsMBC campaign

#ThisIsMBC Asks People With Metastatic Breast Cancer to Imagine the Future

“I can imagine that my children will see me grow as I see them grow. I can imagine that I can get through this."

an hourglass with sand running downwards

Prior Authorization Problems

An ASCO survey shows that prior authorization is more than a massive inconvenience in cancer care—it’s actually harmful.

Care & Treatment

illustration string woman dancing red ribbon

Latest Advances in Breast Cancer

Check out these promising breast cancer studies.

illustration blood drop blood cells

What’s New in Blood Cancer?

Check out these advances in blood cancer research and treatment.

approved stamp

Now Approved – Spring 2023

Newly FDA-approved drugs for ovarian, bladder, liver cancer, and more.


Exercise May Improve Gut Microbiome

Cancer patients who engaged in regular moderate exercise had a greater diversity of bacteria in their intestines and reduced inflammation.

needle syringe vial vaccine

Promising Cancer Vaccines

Unlike custom-made vaccines, those that target common cancer antigens could be available off the shelf.


woman with cancer in head scarf looking out window

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Treatment can improve quality of life for people with advanced breast cancer.


Talaya Dendy

The Emotional Side of Cancer

Cancer insight by Talaya Dendy, a board-certified patient advocate, cancer doula and podcaster. She’s also a Hodgkin lymphoma thriver.


kidney cancer, Chase Griffith

A Kidney Cancer Diary

Chase Griffith, 46, lives in Dallas with his wife and two sons. He has metastatic chromophobe renal cell carcinoma.

Life With Cancer

My Perfect Stranger

Wanda Zimmer, 67, a retired flight attendant, lives in Newport Beach, California. She has chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


illlustration of a microscope

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific studies of experimental treatments. Here’s how to find one that might be right for you.

Your Team

First Lady Jill Biden and Kami Pullakhandam

Navigating a Clinical Trial

Kami Pullakhandam is a clinical research coordinator at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Breast Care Center.

Good Stuff

Balm Box's "The Finest Radiation Care Package"

Treatment Treats

Cancer-related products made with comfort, style and you in mind


scale with tape measure

Cancer-Related Weight Gain

For many cancer survivors, weight gain is an unwelcome side effect. But incorporating healthy lifestyle habits can help.


illustration check list

Reader Survey

Tell us what you think of Cancer Health.

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Cancer Health Spring 2023 cover

Cancer Health Spring 2023

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