Your friend Bear might look different; she might have less hair. And that might feel scary.


Your friend Bear might feel scared, too.


But seeing you and having you near helps her feel better. And that helps you, too. 

As a childhood cancer survivor, comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer wants to show kids how to be good friends with someone with cancer. Her advice: Don’t assume your friend wants to be given space or left alone. “Reach out,” she says. “If they are not up to playing or hanging out, let them tell you that.” So if you know a kid (or  adult) who needs help knowing how to help, check out How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear? (Feiwel & Friends) by Vanessa Bayer; illustrated by Rosie Butcher.

How Do You Care For a Very Sick Bear?

Courtesy of Vanessa Bayer